Fun Facts about your NLC Library


Your NLC Library is here to serve you! We have over 11,000 physical items, including over 900 movies and nearly 400 audiobooks at 4 campus libraries. You can order any of our resources and have them sent to your campus of choice. Not near a campus? We've got you covered with more than 433,000 online resources, from eBooks to articles to videos. Find them using the search bar above. 

Bored on a Friday night? Check out one of our streaming video subscription services, like Kanopy, Can-Core, or Criterion. Log in with your library account and get the popcorn ready! You can find the rest of our streaming services here.

Your NLC Library does frequent giveaways. Make sure to check your emails for any upcoming contests!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scan, print, or fax at my NLC Library?

  • Yes. At Slave Lake and Grouard libraries, you may do college-related printing, scanning, and out-going faxing. Personal printing and printing by the public is 25 cents per page; personal faxes and faxes sent by the public are $2.00 per sent item up to four pages. Items can be scanned to student and staff accounts in the NLC directory.


Can I bring my lunch or coffee to the library?

  • Yes, you may work and eat or drink at the library tables or work areas. Please do not bring food or drink to the computer workstations. Clean up after yourself.


Does the library have wireless access?

  • Yes, your NLC Libraries in Grouard and Slave Lake have free wireless access for use by students, staff, and the public.


How long can I borrow library resources?

  • The loan period for all resource types is two weeks. Instructors may request longer loan periods if required. You can renew resources using your barcode and PIN through the library website. Go HERE to renew your book.


What is a TAL card, and how can I get one?

  • A "TAL" (The Alberta Library) card allows NLC Library student and employee patrons to borrow from other libraries in Alberta using their NLC memberships. Interested patrons must request a TAL card from your NLC Library. The card is then presented to a community library for limited borrowing privileges. Public members in communities other than Grouard must present a TAL (or TRAC) card issued by a community library to obtain limited borrowing privileges from the NLC collection.


Where do I get my NLC library card?

  • Your NLC library does not issue physical cards for students and staff. Students and staff are automatically registered as Library patrons and receive a Library barcode ID and PIN in their NLC email.


Can members of the public use the library's computers?

  • The public may use library computers, however NLC students and employees are given priority, so public use may be limited. The public is restricted from streaming and gaming activities. Printing is 25 cents per page for public users.



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