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LJ Reviews 2018 October #1

In the 1930s, Jackson County, OK, went more than 240 days without rain, so a group of local businessmen hires an itinerant rainmaker, Roland Coombs, who claims his efforts with TNT and blasting power will make it rain in five days. But in the midst of a violent dust storm the next day, Coombs is killed. Sheriff Temple Jennings already has a lot on his plate: attending farm foreclosures, dealing with his reelection campaign, and investigating minor crimes such as a peeping Tom. When Temple's murder investigation leads to Carmine DiNapoli from the Civilian Conservation Corps, he finds himself at odds with his wife, Etha. Carmine reminds Etha Jennings of their dead son, and she'll do everything in her power, even some sleuthing herself, to prove the young man didn't kill Coombs. This richly detailed historical mystery brings the Dust Bowl to life, with the hardscrabble farms and semirural community barely coping with the losses of farms and local businesses. VERDICT This evocative first volume in a new series should appeal to readers of Larry D. Sweazy's "Marjorie Trumaine" mysteries or Donis Casey's Oklahoma-set "Alafair Tucker" books. Fans of narrative nonfiction, including Timothy Egan's The Worst Hard Time, the book that inspired this work, may also want to give it a try.—Lesa Holstine, Evansville Vanderburgh P.L., IN

Copyright 2018 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2018 August #2

Set in Vermillion, Okla., in 1935, this superb series launch from Loewenstein (Unmentionables) introduces Sheriff Temple Jennings and his stalwart wife, Etha. Once relatively prosperous, Vermillion's farmers must contend with the continuing crop-killing dust storms, and when they suffer, so do the merchants. People are willing to turn to charlatans who offer false hope, such as rainmaker Roland Coombs. Strangers, many of them young men from families who couldn't afford them, fill nearby vagrant camps. Others find refuge in the local Civilian Conservation Corp camp. Cleaning up after a nasty dust storm, theater owner Chester Benton finds Coombs's body buried in a pile of dirt. Someone apparently bashed in the victim's head with a board or a pipe, and 19-year-old Carmine DiNapoli, a CCC camper, is arrested for the crime. Etha, convinced of Carmine's innocence, sets out to prove it to Temple. Loewenstein beautifully captures the devastation of the land and people in the dust bowl. (Oct.)

Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly.