Have You Seen Me? A Novel of Suspense.

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Booklist Reviews 2020 March #1

Business journalist Ally Linden arrives early at her Manhattan office, only to find that she hasn't worked there for five years. At first knowing only her name and age, she soon retrieves the memory of the rest of her life, except for the previous two days, during which she's been missing. She learns that she's been in a dissociative state, usually brought on by trauma, which can reoccur. Is it related to having found a toddler's body when Ally was only nine years old, or to something more recent, involving the wad of blood-encrusted tissues Ally finds in her coat pocket? Anxious to fill in her missing days, she ignores her therapist's advice to avoid stress, hiring a private detective to help her and searching for information about the still-unsolved case of the toddler's death. But these efforts come at a cost, as attempts are made on her life from more than one quarter, and her marriage is definitely off-kilter. From former Cosmo editor-in-chief White, author of the Bailey Weggins series, this gripping psychological suspense tale is hard to put down. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2019 November

When finance journalist Ally Linden walks into her Manhattan office, her boss nearly drops his coffee mug; she hasn't worked there in five years. Interviews with a hospital psychiatrist help her determine that she's now a freelance journalist living on the Upper West Side with her kindly husband, Hugh. But she's lost two days of her life owing to a fugue state, and she looks to be in danger if she doesn't figure out what happened. From the New York Times best-selling White; with a 40,000-copy paperback and 20,000-copy hardcover first printing.

Copyright 2019 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2020 February #4

Ally Linden, the narrator of this well-honed thriller from bestseller White (the Bailey Weggins series), arrives one morning at her Manhattan office, wet and bedraggled, with a throbbing headache. Her boss approaches her and asks, "What are you doing here?... You haven't worked here in years." A stunned Ally realizes she has no idea where she's been or where she lives, and that there's "a thick, dark curtain between this moment and everything that came before it." She's diagnosed as being in a dissociative state, caused by a traumatic incident. The questions just keep on coming: what triggered the memory loss, is it connected to a troubling experience in her childhood, who can she really trust to tell her the truth, and why were a handful of blood-soaked tissues stuffed into the pocket of her raincoat? White skillfully maintains the pace until the rushed ending. Even the most jaded reader will be satisfied. Agent: Sandra Dijkstra, Sandra Dijkstra Literary. (Apr.)

Copyright 2020 Publishers Weekly.